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Felix's Family Farm

Tulip & Sunflower Farm in Ipswich, MA

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Have Some Farm Fun in Ipswich, MA!

From $40.00

Picture yourself in a peaceful yoga session, surrounded by the gentle presence of goats as they interact with you. Our experienced instructors will guide you through a harmonious flow of poses, encouraging you to embrace the present moment, find inner balance, and connect with nature’s abundant energy. Book online!

From $25

Join us for “Sunflowers & Smiles,” a delightful summer series set on a beautiful sunflower farm! Kids will enjoy a variety of activities from singing cheerful songs and reading enchanting stories to playing with friendly farm animals and exploring the great outdoors

About Felix's Family Farm

Experience the beauty of the Massachusetts’ seasons at Felix’s Family Farm, a 4th generation family farm in Ipswich, MA! Our sunflower and tulip farm in Massachusetts is a wonder for the senses. Frolic in our picturesque flower fields, enjoy a floral picnic, or practice yoga with our friendly goats and alpacas. Book your farm fun in Ipswich, MA online today! 

Explore the Beauty of our Sunflower and Tulip Farm in Massachusetts!

Highly recommended !

We loved visiting the tulip fields this weekend! A great place to relax and enjoy the beauty!

– Jemma P. via Facebook
Wonderful visit!

Enjoyed the alpacas; a nice addition! Flowers are gorgeous, and still beautiful in vases at home

– Eileen S. via Facebook
Thank you so much for a incredible visit.

Absolutely amazing adventure, staff is incredible so accommodating to my mother in laws limitations.

– Samantha M. via Facebook
Great find!

Very friendly staff and some seriously beautiful flowers!

– Alexa B. via Facebook
It was amazing!

Watched the sun set behind this beautiful tulip field last night. It was amazing! Loved that the farm provided us with baskets for our girls to collect their tulips.

– Candice M. via Facebook