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Felix’s Family Farm is a 4th Generation Family Farm in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

It all started when Felix moved from Poland to Ipswich in 1906. Felix sold vegetables, had a dairy farm, cut and sold hay and wood as well.

As time went on, Felix’s family grew as well as the farm. Felix and his wife, Antoneitta had 12 children and the farm soon grew to be over 100 acres in Ipswich. 

Today the farm is run by Felix’s great grandchild (4th generation) and his grandchild (3rd Generation).

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As of 2023, the farm offers:

  • Tip Tulips
  • School Street Sunflowers
  • Baby Goat Yoga
  • Alpaca Yoga
  • Yoga Yurt with a variety of classes and events
  • Luxury Glamping Experience on The Farm
  • The Ability To Host Private Parties and Events
  • Honey From The Farm
  • Professional Cow Photoshoots 
  • Picnics on The Farm

And More Surprises Coming Soon!

At Felix’s Family Farm, we realize that time is the most precious asset the we all have and we are doing everything we can to make our farm a location where you and your family want to spend as much time as possible. 

We appreciate the support over the years and we will keep expanding to give you and your family more and more opportunities to have fun at the farm.

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